RealmB's Android Certificate Installer

To install a certificate to an Android phone, upload the certificate using one of the options below (to upload a file, use a computer). You will then be given a URL to browse to on your phone. Click on "Install Certificate" and you can install it to your phone.

Why would I use this?

When trying to connect to a WPA-Enterprise (or 802.1x) wireless network, you must supply a root certificate on the Android platform. When connecting to my school's network in early 2010, there was no other way of easily installing a certificate so I decided I would write this script to help those that were in the same predicament as I was.

What format should the file be?

It should be a PEM-encoded x509 certificate file. Other formats may be supported by an Android phone, but those are untested... proceed at your own risk (of it not working).

How does it work?

It's almost laughably simple: it takes the uploaded file and presents it to the client along with an HTTP header of: "Content-Type: application/x-x509-ca-cert". The Common Name of the certificate is pulled out by OpenSSL.

Who is responsible for this crap?

That would be me, Brian Kelley, owner of my blog, RealmB. This is not my cleanest work, but it seems to work decently, so stop insulting me by calling it crap. Sheesh... Internet people these days...

Do you guarantee anything?

In short: no.

In long: the user accepts all risk associated with using this tool. The author, Brian Kelley, is not responsible for any side effects of using this tool.

How is the security?

Bad, you should only upload files that you feel can be publicly viewed without any side effects. Not to say that someone is going to get to your file (they would need to know the 6 random letters to get to it), but the chance is always there.

How do I get help using this tool?

Unfortunately due to the volume of email I receive and my studies at school, I am unable to respond to email requests for support. It seems that the main problem people have is a misunderstanding of how public-key encryption works. Here is a tutorial about x509 certificates that may be helpful to those just starting out.