PurTwit Twitter Client

PurTwit is a Twitter client programmed in Python using Tkinter and the Tweepy library. It can do most of the things Twitter could do when it was written (Fall 2010), with the exception of direct messages, which are not supported by the API nowadays anyway.

Below are screenshots of the program in action. The color scheme of the program (besides the login screen) is actually set using the user’s profile colors, and mine happened to be what I call “Twitter teal”.

Screen Shots

PurTwit Login Page

PurTwit Login Page*


PurTwit - Twitter Authorization Webpage

Twitter Authorization Page

PurTwit - Twitter Feed

Main Twitter Feed and Tweet Box

PurTwit - Twitter Following List

The Following List

PurTwit - Twitter List Interface

The Twitter List Interface

* I did not create the Twitter birds used in the program. Since I did it so long ago, I’ve forgotten where I got them initially, but a quick Google Image search led me to these sites: http://www.productivedreams.com/free-twitter-bird-icon-set/ and http://www.chris-wallace.com/2009/01/02/tweeties-a-free-twitter-icon-set/